Friday, June 23, 2006

A bit of shit

1. Comrade we are at it again. We are being devilish. But then we are.
2. I wore pants.
3. But then wore shorts.
4. I touched men?
5. I sold hash to women.
6. I searched for heroin in Switzerland.
7. I have no nieces. They were all shot dead in the great Bhutan War.
8. Father D'Costa once told me act in a play. I declined. In my place some chimpanzee of the name Hari 'the spy from war' Durga did.
8 bits to byte. Is it??

The cure

The truth about Mata is out. It will be revealed soon.

Friday, June 09, 2006

After a lot shit has passed

Comrade, its been long. Way too long. But then I found Jason as me. And with him only one end can be handled. Anyway today on my usual surfs, I stumbled upon an interesting entity not unlike Humisticus the cold. On reading its post my mind rumbled and gall bladder contracted. And I thus spoke not unlike Zarusthara:
"bahh...die fuhrer die"...
A lot has passed. Mata abandoned us. But we are devotees forever yaa. Anyway till next time.
Jai Mata Di.