Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A case of constipation

Comrade today was a bad day for me. In spite of repeating the Lord's name 36 times, my output was zero. Yet i chanced upon an entity http://heartofthedark.blogspot.com/, and on seeing it felt some collywobbles in my rectum. Result:
that is:
"dear entity (Shobhik Kanti Ghosh),it has been a great honour for me to read your posts. it however pains me that indulge in drugs ( your background is psychedelic). but i like your tastes, dunno think ur blog is worth breaking my shit so please start believing in Mata Teleute. Mataji's grace has allowed me to be coming first in exams, scoring 3 fours in cricket and allowing entities score 29 goals during my golakeeping for my soccer club."

However comrade its a blatant evangelistic comment and Father Rodricks from the Vatican City warned me that I am proceeding to the dark side of the non-believer. Hence I have to limit my satanic baptisms and keep them for really shitty people. Comrade I think it is time to proclaim our allegiance to the hammer and the sickle.

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