Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Phoney Shit and a Battle

Comrade it is time. It is time for change. Today if we can rally support we must get like minded people, blast away others and secure our future. Comrade these past few days I have been praying intensely to Mata. I hear of dark tidings happening in the land. Due to conspiracy of CIA, BJP, Sangh Parivar, Carly Fiorina and John Williams etc. etc. bad bad things have happened which has resulted in the faltering of the evangelistic crusade.
Anyway comrade today after eating some eggs I developed a strong wish for crapping on a Jaguar toiletery creation. Luckily for me I found this abominable turtle:
He/She is of unknown origin. However Mata seems to like this alarm clock like being so I too forced myself to withhold my downpourings from you know where. This thingy is a Nirvana wannabe. I reminded this blah:
"Polly wants a cracker
I think I should get off her first
Maybe she wants some water
To put out the blow torch
blah blah ( zing zing dham dham )
Want some help
Please myself

dear phart phoneybain,
i am very glad to have met you. it was my life long wish to see you blogging. so how are u enjoying life as a person who has changed identity to it? btw reviewing restaurants and star tv's oscar coverage warrants a big reward in the form of a che guevara rights manifesto. kindly take to coca leaf manufacturing.
kumar jeffery"

As you can see the text smells of sugar. But I have sworn allegiance to Mata. Can't risk angering her.
Comrade good bye.

Jai Mata Teleute.


kookaburra said...

teleute is our maata alright! but bhe should naat phorget our bhaarat maata who is none other than our madam antonio maino. she has an inner voice!
let us all kneel down before our bhaarat maata, am telling ya she has meditated beneath the leening thabar of pisa.. she is the enlightened one.
so let us all convert the inphedels' blog in fabor of our immediate maata and the great bhaarat maata.

kookaburra said...