Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I vomit

Comrade today while surfing around trying to build up pressure I came across this entity: comrade I do go to this entity's place pretty often. He is a throughly detestable unbeliever. I sincerely believe he will be a good man if accepts the word.
But anyway this schmuck has put this "DO NOT COPY" thingy on his page. @#%#$%%@#%!!! What the fuck!!! Who does he think he is? Bloody some sort of David Beckham or the son of Sonia Gandhi or does he think he is the bloody manager of Mahindra United F.C?
Man I have created a fresh blog and have copy pasted a lot of his acid crazed ravings, his unholy diatribes, his writings which he thinks would win him a Nobel. This is the place where I have copy pasted dirty shit from his blog. Let's see who the fuck will attack me. I am waiting for the Swiss Guards comrade. You can take care of the CIA.

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