Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mata's blessing === Quick recovery

Comrade, my first canvas piece is ready. We dedicate it to our project:

this chirkut is a holy man. it is rumoured his name actually is "Bhootnath".
refer :
my entry at this livorious' blog:
"dear entity,i am deeply harmed to see the work of my comrade eliminated, while the ramblings of a heroin crazed oil rig worker still shine on.
Kumar Jeffery"
oil rigger ==== His Highness Sir Souvik Adhya, BP, CBE, MBE, Schlum Schmuck, LP, Karamrker Algorithm, Ikea Furnisher, Chevron Sucker, Dick Cheney's bullet........
Actually the entire list of what he is will be put up on his blog.
Comrade thus ends a good night's work.
Jai Teleute Mata Di.

Jesus is life( I still believe in you J, don't wanna be near Lucifer due to my flirtations with Mata rani).

1 comment:

kookaburra said...

this is like crusades man.. this is no child's play. i see these bloggers have become self-obsessed. they dont believe in J no more. so comrade lets take it to them infedels.
keep up the good work.
jai maata di.